Transform E.V.P- Set up
via Crystal Bridge


Here is the set up, for Voice Contacts from the deceased people.

Contact working
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- I said we can make contact with each other...  
I hear
"Contact Working"

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 - I asked my friend Lee (Passed over) would he like to say something, I hear, "Yes"


Current work in March 2022


Currently as of March 2022, Lance has gone back to his roots using 'Transform EVP' in his Experiments, This is sometime referred to, as the old fashioned way of recording for EVP, just by using a pc or  basic voice recorder/smartphone (Recording app)
 Lance feels at this time in his research, he decided to go back to his roots of EVP research, as this is the only way forward for him. This might seem to people as a step backwards in time, but Lance Feels that this way of obtaining the EVP, is the only  efficient and validating way to go for his Research and own  satisfaction.
He feels, there is a beauty and genuine authentic feeling of satisfaction that arises when a transform EVP is recorded, something he feels that had been missing in his experimental work with gibberish voice or opportunistic EVP (AS it's know)
Lance is very much a
believer, but also sceptic in his work with EVP,  He likes to be sure that The EVP is genuine and comes from the other side, ruling out all possibilities and false positives and pareidolia, leaving just objective evidence.

Set up for Transform EVP

Using the PC or a basic voice recorder/smartphone (recording app)
Feeding in a low volume of pure white noise from app, to the recording medium, and playing back the recorded audio file to see if anyone has talked from the other side... And that's it!! He is also experimenting with using infrasound at 15Hz, together with low pure white noise, and A sound of clicks and pops from vinyl static, this is all combined together for background sound source.
Also! He has a device he calls the crystal bridge, built for him from an engineer from Germany.....  This device converts sound into light and then back to sound again, the theory is to make it easier for the other side to bypass the fabric of the earths atmosphere. The above sound sources are feed into the device and from the device to the desktop computer, then played back and listened to.


We happy
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-  "We Happy"- Before I say, good afternoon Mam and Dad.

"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence." - NiKola Tesla